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Chasing Away Childhood Cancer

  • Mckenzie May

    McKenzie May’s Story

    As a precocious, joyful, and strong-willed two-year-old, McKenzie May became a fighter when she was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma. She had never been a very good sleeper but in January 2008, just a month before her third birthday, she began sleeping round the clock and was unable to stand on her own.

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  • Chasetowne Custom

    Chase Towne’s Story

    Chase Towne was the definition of a happy baby. He was growing, crawling and pulling up on things by 8-months-old. Yet in April 2009, Chase’s family noticed a pain in the baby’s right hip and took him to the pediatrician which led him to the ER…

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  • Story3

    Emily Kate Wooddin’s Story

    Emily Kate Wooddin was always a healthy, active little girl who rarely experienced any health concerns. So when she became extremely unwell in October 2009, her family knew something was seriously wrong with their daughter.

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  • Jury2

    Jessica Jo Jury’s Story

    Jessica Jo Jury was always a happy child with a deep chuckle and a caring heart who on December 17th, 1990, was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma.

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  • Chase

    Chase Ringler’s Story

    On October 2, 2007, Chase Ringler was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. He was always healthy, rarely experiencing even a cold, but one day he woke up with a stiff neck and the next day his family received the devastating news. Chase’s diagnosis began with the discovery of a tumor on his left adrenal gland, which was approximately half the size of a golf ball.

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  • Coopercates

    Cooper Cate’s Story

    On October 17, 2005, Cooper Cates went to his 6-month-old well check at his pediatrician’s office. As part of the normal checkup, Cooper’s doctor was feeling his abdomen when it was discovered that his liver and spleen were quite enlarged due to either anemia or …

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