Our Promise

Chasing Away Childhood Cancer

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We look to the future with hope and promiseā€¦ And like planting a garden that we must patiently tend before reaping the harvest, so is our venture to support research committed to benefiting future generations.

Our experience as a grassroots organization and advocate for children facing a difficult fight against cancer has taught us that we have the greatest impact by concentrating our activities around three focus areas:

Research – Providing funds that directly support research and clinical trials that concentrate on difficult to treat childhood cancers like neuroblastoma.

Awareness and Advocacy – Working to raise awareness about the growing incidence and impact of childhood cancers on its victims, their families and our greater community, as well as advocating for increased financial support for research activities that is necessary to eradicate these cancers.

Collaboration – Collaborating with other national organizations, advocacy groups, consortiums, and government agencies to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our work.