Chasing Away Childhood Cancer

  • “How Cindy Crawford’s three-year old brother helped her come to terms with his death”

    Supermodel Cindy Crawford recently appeared on “Oprah’s Master Class” to discuss the early loss of her younger brother when she was just nine years old. Crawford explains the joy her family felt after giving birth to a boy in a family of three daughters. However, when Crawford’s …

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  • CNN New Day episode featuring CAAC’s Whitney Ringler

    For those of you who missed our very own Whitney Ringler on CNN a few weeks ago, here is a recap of the show. New Day, which aired two days, on June 24 and 25, discussed three topics including: A New York corrections officer being …

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  • Study Shows Promising Results for Treating Neuroblastoma

    Dr. Giselle Sholler, a Grand Rapids pediatric oncologist, recently conducted a new study that is showing promising results for treating neuroblastoma. Dr. Sholler and her team are using a new drug called DFMO, which is believed to “target an important cancer stem cell pathway, turning off the …

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  • Dell and Translational Genomics Research Institute Help Support the Fight Against Pediatric Cancer Across Europe and the Middle East

    Dell Inc, an IT solutions for healthcare organization, and the Translational Genomics Research Institute, a non-profit medical research company, have joined together “to help clinical researchers and doctors globally expand the reach and impact of the world’s first Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved personalized medicine …

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    What Has CAAC Been up to Lately?

    Recently, Chase After A Cure teamed up with the wonderful faculty, staff and students of Knightsville Elementary School for their field day. For the school’s Field Day, CAAC sold lunches and concessions. The event marked the first time Knightsville Elementary and Chase After a Cure teamed up to …

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    Remembering Chase’s ‘Rebirth’

    Today is Chase’s stem cell transplant anniversary.  Within the cancer world, it’s a celebratory occasion and is treated like a new birthday or a day when a child is re-born. According to, In a typical stem cell transplant for cancer very high doses of …

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  • CAAC Is on the Move!

    This month, Chase After A Cure will be attending and participating in big and exciting upcoming events for children’s cancer research. The Coalition Against Childhood Cancer Annual Summit and Membership Meeting this year will take place June 16th and 17th. Chase After A Cure is excited to join …

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  • “Moving The Needle”

    Author Donna Carroll Carmical, in her article “Moving the Needle,” discusses the recent hearing in Washington, DC on the National Institute of Health budget. She explains how out of the total 30 billion dollar budget the NIH has, five billion of that goes to cancer, …

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  • What Is Cancer Staging?

    While the term ‘cancer staging’ is quite common today, many of us may be too embarrassed to admit we have no idea what this actually refers to. Cancer staging is simply describing the severity of the disease, which is based on the original size and extent of …

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  • Kirsten

    Kristen Walczak Joins CAAC as Social Media Intern

    Kristen Walczak, a northerner from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, feels truly at home in southern Charleston, South Carolina. She will be a senior at the College of Charleston this fall, graduating as an English major and British studies minor. This past spring, her love of travel brought …

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