Chasing Away Childhood Cancer

“How Cindy Crawford’s three-year old brother helped her come to terms with his death”

Supermodel Cindy Crawford recently appeared on “Oprah’s Master Class” to discuss the early loss of her younger brother when she was just nine years old. Crawford explains the joy her family felt after giving birth to a boy in a family of three daughters. However, when Crawford’s brother, Jeff, was only two years old, her family received the bitter news that he was diagnosed with leukemia. “I think when my parents first told us that my brother was sick, we didn’t really understand what it meant,” Crawford says, “they didn’t use the word ‘cancer’.” Being only eight at the time of the diagnoses, she was never fully aware of what was going on with her brother. Jeff had radiation treatments and doctor visits on a regular basis, but the prognosis was more than unfavorable. Eventually Crawford’s parents enrolled Jeff in an experimental program, which led to cases of remission, but always ended with the cancer returning and “more doctors, more hospitals, and more agony.” While Crawford herself may have been uncertain to her brother’s dire situation, the supermodel explains that Jeff knew what was going on. She goes on to tell the story of her mother finding Jeff one day praying, and when she asked her son why he responded with, “So that when I die, you’ll be OK.” When Jeff was three-years old, and was due for another round of treatments, Crawford remembers how Jeff told the doctors he would not be coming back to the hospital for them. Then, the day he was supposed to return to the hospital, Crawford lost her brother. However grim the situation was for her however, Crawford tells viewers that “There’s some sense of completeness and peace that comes with knowing he knew that and he decided he was done fighting.” Because Jeff was able to accept his own death, Crawford was able to come to terms with her little brother’s fate as well.

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