Chasing Away Childhood Cancer

Dell and Translational Genomics Research Institute Help Support the Fight Against Pediatric Cancer Across Europe and the Middle East

Dell Inc, an IT solutions for healthcare organization, and the Translational Genomics Research Institute, a non-profit medical research company, have joined together “to help clinical researchers and doctors globally expand the reach and impact of the world’s first Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved personalized medicine trial for pediatric cancer.” With a new 3 million dollar grant, there will be an expansion of pediatric cancer clinical trials around the globe, and T-Gen now having the means to expand their efforts to other diseases that affect children. On the topic of the partnership, Aongus Hegarty, the President of Dell EMEA, claims that, “Pediatric cancer is an issue that affects too many lives and we are committed to delivering benchmark solutions and support to ensure that the team at TGen are able to focus on this most important of work.” To get more information on this partnership and the hard work of both companies, read the entire press release by Carly Tatum and Sean Gibson here: 1cOstD3

The work of both Dell and T-Gen has spelled success for much in the fight against childhood cancer. Last month CAAC had a wonderful opportunity while attending The NMTRC conference to tour the research facility at T-Gen. Their state of the art of facilities are ground zero, so to say, in the war against cancer in terms of translational genomic research. CAAC made this trip in large part because we are interested in expanding support for neuroblastoma research. It is extremely important for us at CAAC, to collaborate with like-minded organizations and neuroblastoma researchers not only here in the Lowcountry, but other parts of the world as well. We must always assure that our organization is doing all we can to Chase successfully After a Cure! Overall, it was a wonderful experience and a great trip to learn more about the advocacy efforts to fight for more funding for cancer research. In addition, getting to meet so many of the amazing researchers giving all of their efforts to help current and future patients, as well as some of the families touched by this disease made this opportunity that much more appreciated and special.