Chasing Away Childhood Cancer

Why should you care about our 990 form?

Why should you care about our 990 form?

A 990 form provides the public with valuable information about Chase After A Cure. If you are thinking of donating to our cause, this is a great way to see what your money will go towards. Or, if you are a board member this form is a great way to show how well we are doing at managing resources.

There are 10 important things the public should know from looking at our 990 form.

1. Identity and tax status: This shows you who we are, our address, our calendar fiscal year, and lets you know we are a 501©3 tax exempt organization.

2. Income: The 990 form shows you our revenues, expenses, and our net assets.

3. Total expenses: This is a great way for us to show you how extensive organizations activities are.

4. Other Information: Provides detailed information about who Chase After A Cure (CAAC) is, what we do, what outputs we provide, what fundraising we do, # of people involved, etc.

5. How much is spent on events? This information allows you to see how much we spend on events and fundraisers such as supplies for donors and volunteers.

6. Board Members: Our 990 form allows you to see who our board members are and how much the staff gets paid.

7. Additional Tax Exemptions: Shows if our organization has made any recent changes to allow for our donors to get additional exemptions.

8. Regulation: The IRS and State Charity Bureaus provide general regulatory oversight over the non-profit and tax-exempt sector. They provide reassurance that those who control them to improperly transfer their assets to private interests when they assets should have been used to further exempt purposes of the organization do not use non-profits.

9. Private or Non-private: 990 form allows you to see if we are private or non-private. We are a non-private non-profit and we receive public support.

10. Advocate for public policies: We actively participate for changes in public policies, attempts to support or oppose the enactment of some legislation.

This year Chase After A Cure used 80.9% of our total expenses to program services during the year reported.

Take a look at the summary of our 990 form here: