Chasing Away Childhood Cancer

National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week

April 4-10th 2017


To help raise awareness for young adults diagnosed with cancer, we are keeping up with the challenges they face. The uncommon diagnoses of a young adult with cancer may prevent them from getting the health care they need when they need it. Helping guide young adults through a difficult medical diagnosis is most likely a new venture for them let alone growing up. To help cope with cancer there are many ways to gain support, but helping raise awareness by supporting your community is always a great place to start. By talking about these tough diagnoses, learning about the types of cancer and sharing our experiences we can make asking for help that much easier. Change is not always easy, and learning to embrace change is harder when you add cancer to this. The emotional rollercoaster of the battle and transitioning back to school, work, and normal routines takes time. Resources are available for young adults and are listed in the link posted.