Chasing Away Childhood Cancer

National Cancer Prevention Month

In the month of February, the American Institute for Cancer Research hosts national cancer prevention month. The purpose of this month is dedicated to educating families all over the world on evidence-based cancer prevention recommendations. The facts that the AICR highlight on their website and social media outlets are a great push for action. Nearly half of all cancers can be prevented according to the AICR. The access and resources that the AICR provide are the stepping-stones you need to take care of yourself and prevent cancer.  By doing sharing and preventing we can help eliminate 50% of cancer! Simple changes to your daily routines like diet, weight, and physical activity are key influencers of preventing cancer. Recipes for a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and remaining physically active are three things the AICR pushes on their website. They provide you with all of the tools you need to help you and your family live by these principles. The estimated cases of US cancers preventable per year by diet, activity, and weight management were 344,380 preventable cases in 2016 according to AICR reports.

The AICR provides ten total recommendations to prevent cancer which include:

  1. Staying lean with healthy standards
  2. Taking 30 minutes a day to get active
  3. Removing sodas and sugary beverages from your diet
  4. Consume veggies, fruits, whole grains and legumes!
  5. Avoid processed meats and limit red meat from your diet
  6. Drinking alcohol should be limited to 1-2 drinks or not at all
  7. Consuming salty foods and foods processed with salt should be limited
  8. Supplements should not be used to prevent cancer
  9. Mothers should breastfeed for up to 6 months and then add liquids and foods
  10. Cancer survivors should follow the cancer prevention recommendations

The AICR then provides a given, do not smoke or chew tobacco! These guidelines are an easy and effective way to help eliminate 50% of cancer!

We encourage every family to research this further by heading to the American Institute for Cancer Research website and see for yourself the impact these life changes can have. Because preventing cancer should never be limited to just one month!