Chasing Away Childhood Cancer

Another year older…

…and healthier!! In January, we celebrated the man of the hour Chase Ringler.

Chase and Erica Ringler

Chase After a Cure is multi-meaningful. Chase is not only representing our namesakes’ battle against cancer and finding a cure, but the action of chasing. Merriam-Webster defines this word as, “Chase: an earnest or frenzied seeking after something desired.” The great pursuit of “fill in the blank.” There are many things you could be chasing in your life whether it is love, hope, a good career, or a family. At Chase After a Cure, we chase for a future and for generations that will be freed of cancer. This earnest and frenzied seeking is empowered through us by the strength we find from Chase and other children that have endured a grown up childhood. A celebration of life and another year older that we graciously get to spend with our loved ones is a privilege and a blessing.

This past January also led us into the continuation of “the chase” as we prepared and counted down to the 9th Annual Chase After a Cure Gala, “A Kid at Heart!” By taking the definition of “chase” and putting these words into action, we were excited to pursue our mission by inviting our community to this event. The purpose of “A Kid at Heart” was to bring out everyone’s youthful side and embrace the spirited energy of children. Childhood cancer should never deplete the time a kid gets to be a kid. February 4th marked a day of improvement, fellowship, and entertainment as we joined together and chased after a cure.