Chasing Away Childhood Cancer

Making Cancer Less Painful for Kids

On June 22nd an exciting new project was launched, entitled “Making Cancer Less Painful for Kids” along with the hashtag #KidsCancerPain which was in partnership with the Cancer Knowledge Network (North America’s most widely read online cancer resource), and funded by a research grant from the Canadian Cancer Society. This partnership brings together a team of internationally known health researchers, clinicians, patients, and supporting organizations. Together, they are working on building on the successful #ItDoesntHaveToHurt campaign.
Throughout the next 12 months the campaign will be giving parents the most accurate and recent research evidence about children’s cancer pain. All this valuable information will be shared on the Cancer Knowledge Network website and social media pages. The main focus right now is getting as many parents/caregivers who have a child with cancer currently in treatment, remission or who is a survivor to complete a survey to help the campaign gain valuable information. Complete the attached survey for a chance to win 1 of 3 $250 Visa gift cards. Thank you again for your continued support!